Battle Of The Kings

Battle Of The Kings​

A fantasy trilogy

Long ago, the greatest king ruled the earth. During his reign, the earth prospered and was at peace. Over the decades, the people slowly turned their backs on the king and chose to rule themselves. The king gave the people what they wanted. During the time of self-rule, the land became a place of proverbial wickedness. 

The kings of the earth battled over who would be the next king. Among those kings was Cushan-Rishathaim. He was powerful, vile, and more wicked, than anyone who’d come before him. An ancient prophecy was brought to the king’s attention about a pearl scepter. Whoever possessed it would have great authority, power, and prosperity. If the prophecy was true, he should be the one to possess that scepter.

During the time of upheaval, a child was born. Guardians watched over her and protected her. When she came of age, they would take her on a journey to a hidden land. A place where she would learn the truth of what was to come and what her part was in all of this. Who is this girl? What is this prophecy about a pearl? Is she part of the prophecy?