Current Novels

Faith the Early Years

In the sleepy town of Woodstock, Georgia, the population was 726 in the 60’s. It was a place where everyone knew everyone. 

Joseph Baker raised horses and loved to fish especially with his granddaughter, Faith. 

Growing up, she faced many challenges. The greatest was the loss of her father at an early age. She found love and heartache. Grampa became her comforter through it all.

Dawning Of A New Day

Faith Smith had it all. She was a senior partner at a prestigious law firm. She had a loving husband and a beautiful child.

At the height of her career, tragedy struck and her world fell apart. When she tried running from reality she found herself in jail charged with a murder she didn’t commit. Is she a woman of faith in name only or will she discover a supernatural faith needed to sustain her in the most devastating of circumstances?